Registration & Delivery Procedures 登記會員及送貨程序

( 1) 會員註冊

請先登記 Savory Gourmet Shop


 ( 2 ) 積分優惠:


  • 第一張單起計半年内累積滿3000: 往後訂單3%全單折扣優惠 (除不二價貨品外)。
  • 第一張單起計半年内累積滿5000: 往後訂單5%全單折扣優惠 (除不二價貨品外)。


 ( 3 ) 網上訂購:

  1. 1.     揀選產品項目
  2. 2.     填寫數量
  3. 3.     點擊 "購物籃"可查看已揀選之購物項目
  4. 4.     點擊購買


若需協助,請 whatsapp 或 致電 9630 8442 與本公司職員查詢。


( 4 ) 電話及 whatsapp 訂購方法

致電 : 21172448 / 96308442 

Whatsapp: 852-96308442  / (Whatsapp ID: Savory Gourmet Shop)

 若需協助,請 whatsapp 或 致電 9630 8442 與本公司職員查詢。


( 5 ) 訂單處理


自取貨品請先到網站落單,或whatsapp 96308442 幫忙落單,訂单最少$200,有貨通知預付後就可以在辦工時間上公司取回貨物。



( 6) 付款方法

  FPS  /  ALIPAY 二維數碼付款  / ATM TRANSFER 

( 7 ) 送貨方式 

  1. 使用公司冷凍車。 

  訂貨金額滿$800 免費送貨港島、九龍市區、離島區及部份新界地區

  訂單最少$800但不少于$400會加收港幣$100 運費 送貨港島、九龍市區、離島區及部份新界區 。

  2. 到公司自取站收貨  

  網購商店自取至少$200 預約到本公司葵涌地址取貨

( 8) 自取站地址九龍葵涌大圓街11-13號同珍工業大廈B104 / TEL: 96308442

顧客可以到葵芳地鐵 A出口巴士站乘搭 31M /36M / 235M,請在第三個站下車,向前右望見到有紅色直條的工厦就是了。


( 9 ) 營業時間: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (Mon-Fri) ; 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (Sat)


聯絡方法: 852-21172448 / 852-96308442 / 852-24922811



(1) Member Registration:

 Please register Savory Gourmet Shop first

Please make use of email as a login account. Browse our shopping platform immediately. Wish you a pleasant online shopping experience.


(2) Bonus Award :

 Get one bonus point for one dollar purchase.

 Accumulate 3000 points within half year from the first order:

 You will entitle 3% discount on all subsequent orders (except for fixed-price items).

 Accumulate 5000 points within half a year from the first order:

 You will entitle 5% discount on all subsequent orders (except for fixed-price items).

 *The above member award is applicable to individual member only, but not to corporate members.


(3) Online Shop Order:

 1. Pick up product items

 2. Fill in the quantity

 3. Click "Shopping Basket" to view the selected shopping items

 4. Click to buy

 If you need any assistance, please use whatsapp or call 9630 8442 to check with our staff.


 (4) How to order by phone and whatsapp

 Call: 21172448/96308442

 Whatsapp: 852-96308442 / (Whatsapp ID: Savory Gourmet Shop)

 If you need assistance, please use whatsapp or call 9630 8442 to check with our staff.


(5) Order processing

 When the payment is confirmed, the order will automatically into effect. We will contact you within one working day to clarify delivery arrangements.

 For self-collection, please go to the website to place an order, alternatively whatsapp 96308442 for help to place an order, self-collection order should be at least $200, after settle payment, please come to our company’s pick-up station during office hours.

 *Product supply is subject to actual inventory


 (6) Payment method

 Allow FPS / ALIPAY digital payment / ATM Transfer


(7) Delivery method

 1. Use company cool trucks.

 Free Delivery If Order Greater Than $800 In HK, Kowloon & Part Of Outskirt Area

 Delivery Charge HK$100 Will Be Added If Order More Than $400 But Less than $800 

 2. Self Pick-up at our Company's pick-up station.

Self Pick-up Min. Order $200 In Our Online Shop  Pre-Arrange Pickup Time In Our Online Shop In Kwai Chung

 Self-pickup station address:

 Room 4, 10th Floor, Block B, Tung Chun Industrial Building, 11-13 Tai Yuen Street, Kwai Chung, Kowloon / TEL: 96308442

Customers can take the 31M / 36M / 235M bus terminal at Exit A of Kwai Fong MTR. Please get off at the third bus stop and the building is in your right hand side at the front.