LE GALL France Unsalted Lactic Butter 法國乳酸無鹽牛油 ~250g /pack

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250 Grams
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Product Name 產品名稱 : LE GALL France Unsalted Lactic Butter 法國乳酸無鹽牛油 ~250g /pack

Weight 重量 : 250g 

Price 價格 : HKD 45

Product Code 產品編號 : LG004

Origin of Product 產地來源 : France 法國


Product Details 產品介紹 :

• 100% French products  100% 法國產品

• 100% natural, without additives or preservatives  100% 天然,不含添加劑或防腐劑

• Made with matured cream 用成熟的奶油製成

• Blends rapidly, hot or cold 冷熱狀態均快速混合

• Easy to shape 容易塑造

• Traditional manufacturing process 傳統製造技術

• Selected lactic starters and creams are maturated for more than 15 hours

• Churning in drums under expert eye of our «Maitres beurriers» (Butter Master)
Maitres beurriers牛油專業大師攪動

• A fine adjustment of the churning to the season, humidity, temperature and type of butter. A process which has been under the expert control of our«Maitres beurriers» since 1923
根據季節,濕度,溫度和牛油類型對攪拌進行微調。自1923年以來,此過程一直由我們的“ Maitres beurriers” (Butter Master)進行專業控制

• Only milk from cows fed on the pastures of Brittany is used to produce our range of butters, made from fresh cream, slowly matured over 15 hours to give a fresh herbaceous flavor and unique floral scent.我們僅使用布列塔尼牧場上飼餵的奶牛的牛奶來生產我們的一系列牛油,這些牛油由新鮮奶油製成,並在15個小時內緩慢熟化,從而產生新鮮的草本風味和獨特的花香。