About SAVORY Kitchen 賞味坊服務

SAVORY Kitchen 賞味坊提供不同飲食體驗:星級廚師到會家中作主廚、為客人設計個別私人派對特色餐單、設計季節性到會餐單、製作不同風味的午餐盒、以及烹調各款特色食品包給顧客快捷方便地在家中享用美食。

SAVORY Kitchen offers different dining experiences. Our Chef  designs individual private party special menus for your guests, design seasonal catering menus for your parties, cooking delicious lunch boxes with our fine quality food ingredient products mainly imported from Europe. SAVORY Kitchen also provide various types of pre-cooked pack for customers to enjoy tasty food quickly and conveniently at home.


SAVORY Kitchen Chef 賞味坊廚師簡介

SAVORY Kitchen Lunch Box 賞味坊午餐盒




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