NATALIE’S 100% Blood Orange Juice Fresh from Florida 急凍純天然血橙汁 ~1L / bot

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1,000 Grams

Product Name 產品名稱 : NATALIE’S 100% Blood Orange Juice Fresh from Florida 急凍純天然血橙汁 ~1L / bot 

Weight 重量 : 1 Litre

Price 價格 : HKD 60 

Product Code 產品編號 : OJ005

Origin of Product 產地來源 : U.S.A. 美國

Product Description 產品資訊 :

Made from 100% fresh Florida blood oranges. Rich in Vitamin C and folate, both known to support immune function and prevent cell damage.
No preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no added sugar, no GMOs.
Honestly sourced, freshly handcrafted, minimally processed.
Must be kept at the freezer around -18 degrees celsius for storage before defrost. 
Must be kept refrigerated between 0-2 degrees celsius and served within 5 days after defrosted.
1 Litre Natalie’s Orange Juice is 100% pure squeezed from 12-15 oranges.

100%佛羅里達的新鮮NATALIE’S 100% Blood Orange Juice Fresh from Florida 急凍100 %純天然血橙榨取製成。含有豐富的維生素C和葉酸,兩者都具有支持免疫功能和防止細胞損傷的作用。
一枝1公升Natalie’s Orange Juice12-15個鮮橙榨取製成。


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