France Oyster KRYSTALE 特選水晶 No.1 48's 新鮮法國 KRYSTALE 特選水晶生蠔

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6,240 Grams

Product Name 產品名稱 : France Oyster KRYSTALE 特選水晶 No.1 48's  新鮮法國 KRYSTALE 特選水晶生蠔  

Weight 重量 : No.1 ~6240g /box 

Price 價格 : Ave: HKD30 /pc or 1440 /box 

Product Code 產品編號 : OP104

Origin of Product 產地來源 : France 法國

Fully&crunchy, sweet and mild saltiness

此貨品衹可以和其他生蠔(每款最少12) 夾單, 滿 $600 可以免費送貨, 否則另加運費 $50+

每星期工作日 14:00 前落單, 會安排在3-7 (星期一至星期六送上)


The Oyster is treated as one order and it cannot conjunction with other goods.

Free delivery for the order $600 or over or delivery charge $50+ will be levied.

Please make advance order before 2 pm of each working day and the delivery will be 3-7 days afterwards (Monday to Saturday) depends on the supply.  

Please contact us for other types of 


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