DIAZ Frozen Spanish Duroc Pork Rib Rack 西班牙杜洛克豬排骨架 +/-1kg

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1,000 Grams

Product Name 產品名稱 : DIAZ Frozen Spanish Duroc Pork Rib Rack 西班牙杜洛克豬排骨架  +/-1kg

Weight 重量 : +/-1kg /pack

Price 價格 : HKD148.0

Product Code 產品編號 : DZ5005S

Origin of Product 產地來源 : Spain 西班牙



We are using Duroc 50%. The other 50% are 2 more white pork breeds. 
This cross breeding gives a perfect balance between marbling (intramuscular fat), tenderness, juiciness and flavor.

It come from animals born and bred in EXPLOTACIONES PORCÍNAS DÍAZ, branch of the company dedicated to the reproduction, breeding, and genetic and morphological study of animals for the production of premium quality meats, using animals registered in the ASOCIACIÓN NACIONAL DE CRIADORES DE GANADO PORCÍNO SELECTO (ANPS), assuring the origin of the parents, and thus obtaining 50% of RAZA DUROC.

已獲得由食物環境衛生署簽發受限制食物售賣許可證檔案編號 039180129 /食物製造廠牌照檔案編號 2991807970 及國際標準化組織 ISO22000 驗証