CHEESE PLATTER for 4 四式芝士拼盤滋味選 No.1 (Brie 125g • Boursin 150g • Parmesan Portion 200g • Saint Paulin Portion 200g or Camembert 240g)

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675 Grams


四式芝士拼盤滋味選 No.1 

1. Port Salute芝士:半軟,奶油和光滑




4 types of Cheese
Brie 125g • Boursin 150g • Parmesan Portion 200g • Saint Paulin Portion 200g or Camembert 240g) 

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Option Item :

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Cheese Details :
SAINT PAULIN : semi-soft, creamy, firm, buttery & nutty
BRIE : soft buttery, runny, soft-ripened, fruity & mild
Grana Padano PARMESAN : hard   crystalline,dense, grainy, nutty & sharp 
GARLIC & HERBS CHEESE CHEESE : soft  creamy, mild & spreadable


A SAVORY journey can be shared with brunch of good friends together. Are you fancy for a cheese platter for friends gathering? housewarming party? appetizer for dinner? small dish for girl’s night talk? Welcome your guests with a platter of really good cheeses, your guests enjoy delightful finger food size serving and share their opinions about different topics to create comfortable sharing atmosphere during the gathering.

Here is the simple steps to prepare your cheese platter…

STEP 1 : Decide

1. How many people are you serving?
2. Are you serving a cheese platter as appetizer or after dinner?
3. Decide what specific type of cheese you have to prepare or not to prepare due to any appetite preference or food allergy of your guests
4. Decide your budget

STEP 2 : Quantity & Variety of Cheese

It’s time to decide on variation and quantity of cheese you will need to prepare a platter.

Appetizer (hors d'oeuvres) : 30g to 45g per guest
After-dinner course : 30-60g per guest

Type of cheese:

2-3 choices for small gathering
4-6 choices for a brunch of friends

STEP 3 : Flavors

To provide a balance of sweet & salty flavours, we can add some sweet flavours on your cheese platter such as honey goes well with brie and goat cheese.

Optional food:
crackers / ham / red & grape grapes / black & green olives / figs / apricots / jam / honey / honey mustard

Great match with cheese
Sparkling wine, Red & White wine

STEP 4 : Assemble a decent cheese board

A decent cheese board is a variety of flavors, textures, forms and colors. Sharp, smoked, funky, sweet, soft, hard, fresh or aged cheese should be all inclusive in a great cheeseboard.

This is the SAVORY sample for serving 3-6 persons as appetizer or after-dinner cheese course:

1. Port Salute : semi-soft, creamy & smooth
2. Brie Cheese : soft, buttery, runny and soft-ripened
3. Parmesan : hard, crystalline, dense and grainy
4. Garlic & Herbs Cheese : soft, creamy & spreadable, good to match crackers and breads

Other good options on cheese board

6. Honey
7. Black Olives
8. Crackers
9. Red & Green Grapes

Other tips:

  • Cheese is best to serve at room-temperature, take your cheese out of the fridge and unwrap them about half an hour before serving. User a piece of damp towel to cover the cheese to avoid dry out.
  • User one knife to serve one type of cheese




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